Saturday, March 14, 2009

Runes of Magic Server names translated

EDIT: Now with pronunciation. I don't understand phonetics so I have done my best to indicate pronunciations using common English spelling.

Here's a pleasant surprise - The names of the servers in Runes of Magic (international version anyway) are all Irish Gaelic words. I come from Celtic stock myself and we have a very rich tradition of magic and heroism in Celtic mythology that is perfect for an mmo setting. It is quite a few years since I learned Gaelic at school but with the help of an online dictionary I will have a go at translating the server names:

Smacht (Smockhd): Discipline or Grip
Macantacht (Mackanockht): Honesty
Siochain (Sheeockhawn): Peace (Yes this is a PVE server)
Tuath (too..ah): Country
Cogadh(kug..ah): War (PVP server of course)
Laoch (Layuckh): Warrior or Hero
Muinin(Moo..inin): Confidence
Aontacht(Aye..on..tockht): Unity


nerdpanda said...

Thats very interesting thanks for that.

mbp said...

Glad to be of assistance Nerdpanda. My attempts at phonetic translation are a bit ropey but hopefully they will put folk on the right track.