Friday, March 13, 2009

Runes of Magic: I know this well end badly but ....

I am downloading Runes of Magic with a kind of half notion of creating accounts for myself and my wife to see if we can play together. All previous attempts to introduce my beautiful other half to virtual worlds have ended in boredom on her part and frustration on mine.

Runes has been described as a World of Warcraft clone which is a good thing. Of all the mmo's I have played WOW was the one which most nearly caught my wife's eye. I am still highly suspicious of the free to play pay to progress business model but I don't see the point of taking buying two subscriptions for an experiment that is quite likely to end in failure. Plus the ability to buy a fancy outfit with real money is just the sort of thing that would appeal to my fair lady.

Actually getting the game is proving a bit awkward by the way. When I first registered for an account I was vectored to some completely separate web site and asked to log in. Its not clear whether my Runes of Magic login will work for that or not. Anyway ignoring it completely seemed to work and I eventually got the registrtaion email from RoM. After activating the account you are faced with an intimidating questionnaire where you are asked to spill the beans on your former guild mates. Useful marketing information I know but it is a bit blatant to ask me to hand over my friends email addresses. Thankfully the survey seems borked on Firefox, there is no submit button, and ignoring it got me back to the website. Now I am downloading the game using the provided FOG downloader. 3.5 Gb at an average speed of 10kb/second??? I left it running all night and its still only 2/3 of the way there. Somehow I don't think I will be looking forward to patch days.


Thallian said...

The patch took forever. The game itself has too lengthy of a tutorial, though I have to say it IS more like warcraft than any other free to play game, its still not quite the same. At some point someone will take World of Warcraft, rehash the art, and the words a little, and re-release it as their own :P

mbp said...

Hi Thalian

I left it downloading while I am at work today. I am kind of hoping to be able to try it out tonight. If I am faced with yet another humongous patch download before I can play I suspect my enthusiasm will run out before I even get started.