Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guild Wars Nighfall: To kill a god ...

I have just finished the main pve campaign of Nightfall for the first time. Viewed simply as a single player RPG I found it very entertaining with a good story line and challenging quests. I did get bored in the middle of the Kourna section of the game and and put it aside for two years but once I restarted and got over that bit the game went from strength to strength. The big bad fellow in the picture about is an evil god you must slay to complete the campaign.

The difficulty certainly ramps up a bit in the last few missions set in the netherworld known as the Realm of Torment but I never found it as challenging as the latter missions of the original Guild Wars Prophecies Campaign. I suspect this had much to do with the availability of heroes in Nightfall plus the fact that the Paragon is a rather more robust character than the Mesmer I took through Prophecies.

Where to next for my gaming? I don't feel the need to repeat any of the Nightfall content in Hard mod but I do still have Factions and Eye of the North to look at. I remain in a decidedly non multiplayer groove. I just can't work up the enthusiasm to go multiplayer gaming at the moment.

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