Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can you explain Runes of Magic Death Penalty to me please?

I am aware that the the death penalty in Runes of Magic gives you an Experience Point debt but I don't really know the details. The forums are down in preparation for launch so I can't find out more but I am hoping that some helpful passing reader can enlighten me.

What I have been able to scrape together is that the debt applies to both experience and talent points. I have also seen reference to a kind of corpse run which reduces some of your death penalty.

Do the penalties for multiple deaths stack up? How severe is the penalty and how long does it typically take to work off in game? Can you actually lose levels and skills or does the debt simply prevent you form advancing further? How does the corpse run work and what happens if you die in an instance? How do players treat the death penalty? Does it make for very conservative play where people are afraid to risk dying?

Having an experience point death would appear to shift Runes of magic towards the hard core end of the MMO spectrum. I am reminded of Everquest old timer's tales of their dreaded corpse runs.One thing is different however. Browsing the item shop I came across a potion which removes death penalty. It costs about €1 per gulp. If that does what I think it does then it introduces a very interesting dynamic into the game. Dying will cost you real money!


Atheistic said...

To answer your questions, yes there is a experience and skill point debt that must be paid when you die in RoM. The amount varies depending on your level, and in most cases is not too severe. You cannot actually lose levels or skills, however 70% of the experience and TP you gain from fighting mobs or completing quests will go towards debt, so it does make leveling take a bit longer. It is also stackable, although it will not total more than the xp of your current level.
When you die, a tombstone will appear at your point of death that will remove a small percentage of debt. If your death was in an instance, the stone will be outside the entrance.

mbp said...

Thanks Aesthetic. That's the clearest explanation I have seen of the situation yet. It doesn't sound too serious, at lower levels anyway but enough to dissuade you from dying too often.