Maybe I'm not the only Cheap Bastard

Even though I have wanted to play Left 4 Dead for quite some time I still waited until I got it half price in last weeks sale.

I do that a lot with games. Price is important to me. Its not that I am badly off. It's just that I am not comfortable spending €40 or €50 on a game. In fact the higher price of console games (€10 to €20 higher last time I checked) is one of the main reasons I haven't embraced console gaming.

Thanks to Bill Harris author of the ever entertaining Dubious Quality I now realise that its not just me. Sales of Left 4 Dead went up 3000% last weekend during the sale. It seems I am not alone in wanting better value games.


Thallian said…
My brothers both bought it last week too. And all their friends. Thank you for letting me know why :) Shooting zombies looks like fun though, prolly too gory for me though.
Anonymous said…
My gaming buddies and I did the exact same thing last weekend, and we've been having a blast (pardon the pun) ever since.

Who knew the zombie apocalypse would be so much fun? ;-)
mbp said…
Its pretty gory I guess Thallian but you don't really notice. The horror them is pretty much lost in the sheer adrenaline rush of trying to survive.

Hi Deck, its a whole lot of fun all right. If you see mbp in game feel free to shoot me :).
Andrew said…
Crap. I guess I missed the sale.

Where and when do they post what games will be onsale for any given week/weekend?
mbp said…
I have only ever seen the sales advertised on the little news window that pops up when I log into Steam itself. Sign of a very successful business I guess that they only find it necessary to advertise to people who are already customers.

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