Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kings Bounty The Legend Demo

Lots of folk rave about Kings Bounty: The Legend so I had a go at the demo over the weekend. Very enjoyable and quite addictive RPG-lite with turn based strategy combat. I will probably get the full version as soon as I can lay my hands on a physical disk copy. My local game shop has never heard of the game despite it being out for over 5 months now but I amn't quite ready to fork out €40 for a download copy of the game from the creators 1C.

I have played as both Warrior and Mage. I probably prefer the warrior path because the units are so much fun although the Mages magic is very powerful. Anyway here are some of my favourite units from the demo:

Favourite level 1 unit: The Hunter-Thorn. This handy ranged unit does a lot of damage in large groups and is cheap. It is also fast enough to stay out of trouble and it has no melee penalty which means it is far from helpless if a melee creature actually catches up with it. Its special skill (sprouting new allies from the corpse of a dead ally) is not as useful as it sounds because if all goes well your allies shouldn't be dying.

Favourite level 2 unit: The Hyaena. A pack of these critters does a ridiculous amount of damage and their rapid recharging special ability allows you to get critical hits almost at will. They are also pretty fast allowing you to get them where they are needed when you need them. They aren't particularly sturdy so expect to lose a few in combat but they are still probably my favourite unit in the game.

Favourite level 3 unit: The bear - big and tough. This guy is tough but he also does a lot of damage with frequent critical hits and an enrage special that does extra damage. Although bears are slow the have the "run " talent which allows them to make one double move to get into action quickly. Ancient bears are even tougher again but they have a higher leadership requirement so you can use less of them. Its a toss up as to which are more useful.

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