Don't play the game, Play the players.

The epic conflict between Band of Brothers and Goonfleet, the two largest alliances in EVE came to a sudden end yesterday with complete victory for the Goons. This is staggering news in itself but even more staggering is the manner of the victory. After several years of conflict resulting in the largest battles ever seen in an MMO this complete and total victory was not wrought by an overwhelming battle-fleet but by one single player. One single Goon mole managed to infiltrate their way to the very highest levels of Band of Brothers. In addition to pilfering huge swathes of valuable assets he went one step further and disbanded the entire alliance. In that one moment of unspeakable treachery everything that was BoB vanished. All of their sovereign territories were released to be grabbed and the wolves are closing in to split up the spoils as we speak.

It was always hard to take sides in this particular conflict. The Goons are an unpleasant group of sociopaths who take pleasure out of others pain. Bob on the other hand were the playground bullies of EVE. Nevertheless the manner of this victory is stunning and it is all perfectly legal within the game. I don't know if Band of Brothers will ever be able to recover - for starters I believe they have even lost their alliance name.

Sun Tzu and Machiavelli are nothing compared to what goes on in New Eden. EVE online has once again proven that if you want to win don't play the game, play the players.


Thallian said…
Wow, such awesome drama. Great quote btw. Classic computer security knowledge is that the weakest link is never the technology, its always the people using it.
Anonymous said…
That's gotta be a tale to tell! Book deal incomming?!

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