EVE online to introduce Skill Training Queue

One of the last great holy cows of mmorpg space is set to bite the dust as EVE online announces the introduction of a skill training queue. In EVE skills are learned in real time even if you aren't logged on. This allows players to progress their characters without the level-up grind more usually associated with mmo's. However absence of a skill queue meant that you needed to log on every time a skill finished training in order to start learning the next one. This was particularly annoying for beginning players who have a limited choice of skills to train most of which are short (few minute to a few hours). I wrote about this before here and here and the topic seems to have polarised opinion between the casual players who want a skill queue and more committed players who are adamantly against. The opponents of a skill queue point out that once a player gets established they have a range of long and short skills to choose from and with a bit of careful planning they can avoid 3:00am switch overs.

Well it looks like the casuals have won the day, which seems to be a trend in mmo's at the moment. CCP are limiting the queue to a maximum depth of 24 hours in order to prevent offline character farming. This means the queue will be most beneficial to casual characters who are training s bunch of short skills but will be of limited use to more experienced players who are training skills that take more than 24 hours anyway.

Thanks to the anonymous poster (probably Solbright) who tipped me off about this.


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