Sunday, April 08, 2007

Total War Tutorial Trouble

I picked up Medieval Total War 2 on Friday. I got the collectors edition (complete with silly figurine) for €29.99. This is something of a bargain as the ordinary edition was selling for €44.99 in the same shop!!!

In installed it today and started on the tutorial. I guess I don't entirely need the tutorial because I have already played a lot of Rome Total war but I like to be sure I amn't missing anything. I remember struggling with the tutorial in Shogun Total War and in Rome Total War. Surely they will have got it right this time I thought. Sadly, No. The tutorial in MTW 2 sucks.

It starts out with good intentions - you get a restricted version of the game engine to play a limited campaign. Helpful guides are at hand to talk you through the action. Unfortunately if you stray one step from the scripted sequence then the tutorial gets completely out of sync. At one point I was supposed to lay siege to Nottingham. Inadvertently I clicked the wrong spot and couldn't get back to Nottingham that turn. That was the end of my tutorial. I had to waste a turn getting back to Notting ham but then I was out of sequence. I was told to click on Caen for example but I couldn't because it was not the correct turn. Arghhhhh. Fool that I am I actually played through the tutorial three times till I got the perfect sequence of clicks to allow me to finish the bloody tutorial. Most frustrating thing of all is that you cannot save the tutorial mid way to retrace your steps and you even have to get a certain way through the tutorial to access the main campaign.

I remember exactly the same frustration with Rome Total war. Why do they do this? Ah well My memory of Rome TW was that things got much much better once the tutorial was over. Hopefully the same applies to Medieval.

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