Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Naked Miners in Eriador

Throg has heard of prospectors who mine ores full time for a living. Apparently the most dedicated prospectors eschew armour and head out almost naked into the wilds. The thought of these miners braving the elements in their underwear makes Throg Chuckle. They claim that this is because armour would hinder their work and slow them down but Throg suspects that parsimony is their real motive and that these exhibitionists are simply too mean to pay repair bills. I don't think our sturdy dwarf will be modelling his long johns in public any time soon. For one thing they have seen neither air nor water in at least five years and for another Throg may be stout of heart but he is small of stature. He prefers to rely on the thickness of his breastplate rather than the swiftness of his little legs to keep him alive in the wilderness.

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