Monday, April 30, 2007

Throg's lotro adventures 30 April 2007: The Old Forest

The disease that struck down Throg and so many of his fellow adventurers passed as quickly as it came allowing Throg to offer his services to some of the hobbit's who had shown him such hospitality during his illness. The Shire of the hobbits may be a gentle place but the old forest that lies at the boundaries of their lands most certainly is not. The denizens of this forests include bears, wolves and giant spiders but perhaps the most troubling of all is that the trees themselves have become malevolent and have developed the ability to bludgeon unwary passers by with their branches. Little wonder that the gentle hobbits of Buckland had need of a worthy dwarf adventurer to deal with the dangers of such a place. Throg's first venture into the forest was not entirely glorious - he blundered into a glade of elite malevolent oak trees. Perhaps enraged by the sight of Throg's axe one of these took an instant dislike to our good dwarf and set about battering him. Throg's axe inflicted a heavy price on this unnatural tree but it proved too strong for our noble hero and he was forced to retreat from the forest. Realising that he would get nowhere without a map to this forest maze Throg asked the hobbit's if they knew of someone who could provide one. The good minstrel Tobold directed him to the talented map makers Messers Brasse & co. where he found an excellent chart to guide him though the leafy paths.

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