Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Throg's LOTRO Journal 24April 2007

Poor Throg has little to report today as he is licking his wounds from a series of bad beatings last night. He set off an a simple enough quest to clear out some spiders from the region of Rath Teraig. Unfortunately he let himself get distracted and on no less than two separate occasions was jumped and chased off by some very poweful elite Goblins. You would think that two hidings in one day would be enough to teach our doughty dwarf some sense but he went back for more. This third time he avoided the goblins but as it was dark he blundered into the spiders' lair and came across the spider matriarch. This level 15 elite chewed him up and spat him out. We can be thankful that dwarf flesh is not to a spider's taste so Throg lives to tell the tale but his armour is pretty badly dented. Our poor dwarf was horrified to learn how much silver it would cost him in repairs particularly for his magical items. In his hasty escape from the spider den he stumbled across the Elven Oasis of Duillond. Elves do not normally have much time for dwarves but some news of Throg's exploits must have spread even here and he find himself tolerated.

On happier note Throg made his first few sales on the auction house and despite my scepticism he managed to turn a profit on these transactions. A good thing too as the cash will be needed to pay for his armour repairs. Prices in the auction house are still generally low but Throg did notice that copper ore is selling for 2 silver a piece, more than four times what vendors are offering. This presents him with something of a dilemma. He needs the ore himself to skill up his prospecting skill but the lure of easy money is tempting.

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