Sunday, April 29, 2007

29th April 2004 Throg's Lotro Journal: Leaving Home

Today has been a momentuous day for Throg. After joining a fellowship to assist Avorthal clear the Goblins from Rath Teraig (Assault on Rath Teraig) he has made his mind up to leave his homeland of Eruid Luin and base himself instead in the land of Bree. Eruid Luin will always have a place in Throg's heart but as a level 15 champion Throg felt he had outgrown the place and little remained there to challenge him.

In sharp contrast to the symmetric simplicity of Thorin's gate Bree is a confusing sprawl of a town. Poor Throg is struggling to get his bearings among the mess of streets, walls, gates and alleys. The folk who require the assistance of an adventurer reel off place names that are completely meaningless to him. He is currently looking for an inn called the Prancing Pony where he hopes to find information on the whereabouts of a Ranger by the name of Strider. Throg doesn't know for sure what this is all about but the involvement of the great wizard Gandalf makes him think this could be the start of something very important. Just the thing to inspire a stout-hearted young champion.

A very happy coincidence of his move to Bree was the chance to meet the renowned champion Ultan Foebane. Throg was bold enough to ask Ultan for advice on improving his champion abilities. Ultan adheres to the "Throw them in the deep end" school of teaching and his training for Throg consisted of sending our friend to defeat three sturdy villains (A Blade of Renown). Throg triumphed in all three encounters. THe villains were tough but to tell the truth actually finding each of them was the hardest part of this quest. Ultan was impressed with Throgs effort,s and rewarded him with a very nice Axe and by coaching him in the trait of Viscious Strikes. This is Throg's first class specific trait and one only available to champions who have reached the 15th level.

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