Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another game for my shrink wrapped collection

I dropped into a GAME store on my way home from work and picked up a copy of Paraworld for the princely sum of €2.98. By all accounts Paraworld is an OK but not great RTS. It has Dinosaurs in however so it could probably keep me entertained for an hour or two and for less than €3 one can't complain.
But...When exactly am I going to get around to playing this? I am already juggling Guild Wars, Company of Heroes, Battle for Middle Earth II and Lord of the Rings online.

The sad truth is that Paraworld will join the large collection of games on my shelf that have never even got out of the shrink wrap. I have hundred's of PC games in my collection but if I am honest I have never even installed half of them. I am a sucker for a gaming bargain but it aint much of a bargain if it never gets played.

I wasn't always like this. I used to be diligent - struggling through a game until I finally overcame the last boss. Nowadays however there are just too many games and too little time.


crazyflanger said...

You sound like I used to be. I'd wait until xbox games were 6 months old and gamestop had cheeper copies. I'd buy like 10 games at a time and never play more then 2 or 3 games.I justified this by saying "I got a good deal", but if I never used the product "a good deal" is still a waste of money. After I got into MMO's I stopped buying new games. I was already paying $15 a month and completely engrossed in no neeed for new games.

mbp said...

That's me to a tee Crazy-flanger. In my pre-mmo days I was buying up to 50 games a year second hand and from bargain basements. WOW almost cured me because I was totally immersed in one game for four months solid but I still have a soft spot for single player games and I keep an eye on the bargain bin.