Monday, April 02, 2012

New Eden Vacation #5: Welcome to 0.0

I crossed into 0.0 space at a system bearing the name 93PI-4 and this is the first thing I stumbled across:

The system has only one entrance and one exit and that mobile warp bubble was placed squarely on the line between them. Happily there were  no hostiles around to shoot at the flies trapped in this bubble. Instead I met another tourist who like me came for a look see.

 I believe that placing the bubble away from the gate like this is preferred because it minimises the chance of a visitor running back through the gate. It also has the advantage of catching folk going both ways.  It is quite easy to bypass though by approaching the gate from an indirect angle. Notice the cans at the edge of the bubble. I think they are strategically placed to de-cloak any stealthy ships who come along.

I was lucky this time, there was no one at home but this is un-likely to last much longer. Expect my New Eden Vacation to draw to a close shortly with an unplanned visit to the clone bank.


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

You made it to Pure Blind. That is only 17 jumps from the TNT station I generally call home. Don't come and visit, you'll get shot.

mbp said...

Lol Wilhelm, I guess that is the general idea to keep going until I get sent home in a clone.