EVE Online: The best place to see Jita burning is NOT Jita.

It is the 28th of April and today is the big day when Jita is set to burn under the assault of Goons and assorted followers. Syncaine, Cyndre and Wilhelm Arcturus have been posting about the preliminary thinks that have been going on since the 26th apparently. Well not to be outdone I got myself into a noobie frigate and set my course for Jita last night to see some splosions.

Sadly it turned out I had already missed the good stuff. At Eurozone prime time all the gates to Jita were locked and I couldn't fly in. I did manage to clone jump in (by dying) and parked my self in an Ibis just off Jita IV, IV dock.

Lots of pilots in space and plenty of shooting going on but it was almost entirely trash frigates like my noobie Ibis.  It seems that the more valuable stuff was either staying away or was unable to get into Jita because of the locked gates.

 Wilhelm from Ancient Gaming Noob writes about a pile up of ships in the gateway system of Perimeter being bombed  so I reckon that might be a better place to see some genuinely high value carnage. I might try there again tonight.

I was a bit surprised that Jita's gates were locked with less than 1,900 pilots in system. There wasn't any time dilation so the servers can surely handle more.

Small side point apparently a bug was causing some players to be incorrectly concorded for shooting flashy red (legitimate) targets. CCP put through a hotfix while I was logged on. I wonder if they were deliberately restraining numbers in Jita to try out this hotfix. Will see again tonight.


Stabs said…
I think it's not just the number of pilots, but what those pilots are doing.

Jita usually has 1500 people and that's not a problem. Because those people are 0.01 isking each other - essentially we're 1500 rows on a spreadsheet.

This weekend both the Goons and their foes and the locals have all been out shooting each other and flying around and warp scrambling cans and generally doing as much activity as they can. So it lags the server more.

PS: thought you were bored of Eve ;-)
mbp said…
Hi Stabs - I think I may just have hit a bad time when the gates were locked. Logged in again last night and there were more people in Jita and plenty of action at the gates.

I am far from bored with EVE, I am just bored with the stuff I usually do in the game. I am still following EVE forums and blogs closely and I am keeping up my sub both to keep my training going and to dip in and out as the mood takes me.

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