Sunday, April 29, 2012

EVE Jita reopens for (burning) business. Mbp drops the camera.

The good news is that the gates to Jita were open again last night with well over 2,000 pilots in local. It looks like I was just unfortunate the night before to pick a time when numbers were being restricted. Jita IV, IV was the usual mess of trash frigates but the Jita side of the perimeter gate was encased in a solid blob of Tornado and Thrasher gank ships. By the time I got there they were clearly picking and choosing targets because I saw a few industrial ships slip through while a freighter that was silly enough to poke it's nose in was ganked.

The bad news is that I clearly do not know how to take screenshots in EVE. I was sure I got a few nice shots of the blob from a Tornado's eye view but this morning I can find no trace.


Anonymous said...

Documents/EVE/capture/Screenshots/ should contain them.

Stabs said...

"I clearly do not know how to take screenshots in EVE"

Press printscreen button.

Afterwards they're in Documents > Eve > Capture > Screenshots.

mbp said...

Thanks @stabs, @anonymous. Sadly I looked in that directory and found nothing. I am pretty sure I goofed completely. For some reason I thought F11 was the screen grab button.