Mafia 2 Excitement Building.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven remains one of my favourite ever games. I totally lost myself in its beautiful recreation of a prohibition era city and excellent gangster movie story line. It was therefore with much trepidation that I downloaded the Mafia II trailer on Steam. Would my memories be cruelly betrayed?

The good news is that the trailer is excellent and has really whetted my appetite for the game. The post WWII era city is beautifully portrayed (although the demo only allows you a few minutes in which to explore it). The gritty mobsters are straight out of Hollywood and the bonus is that the movement and combat are very fluid and an the cover system is a great new improvement. The full game is due out in a couple of weeks. Providing they don't pull some weird drm swindle this might just be one of those rare occasions when I pay full price for a new release game.


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