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LOTRO, Painkiller and a Kick Ass Movie

I have spent quite a few hours soloing my Lotro champion Throg though Lothlorien. Lots of picking up flowers and singing to trees  as I try to build up enough rep with the elves to get into the city. I could bypass a lot of the rep grind by completing Vol 2 book 6 but that needs a group for some tough instances in Moria and that places is pretty deserted these days. I could ask some level capped kin mates to boost me through it but I don't like sponging off them when I am unlikely to ever be able to return the favour. I am hopeful that when F2P happens in a few weeks there will be a flood of new players and I will be able to get pick up groups.

For a competely different gaming experience I bought Painkiller Black edition for $6 in Good old Games sale. It is probably the pinnacle of old school mindless shooters with hundreds of enemies and non stop shooty carnage. Based on an hour or so of play I can vouch for its mindless ultra violenct goodness It lacks the humour of Serious Sam so I can's say if it will keep my attention for long but there are times when you need a bit of ultra-violent de stressing. Happy to report it runs just fine in Windows 7-64 bit, the GoG installer automatically selected Windows XP compatibility mode. I am using Creative Alchemy to enable eax sound effects but the game has a lot of other sound options so my guess is that non creative sound would work ok too.

I watched the movie Kick Ass with my wife last night. The title and the promos so don't do that movie justice. We both loved it but it was a really hard sell to get my wife to watch an apparently idiotic superhero movie. I would really love to watch this movie with my kids. I have an 11 year old daughter who is a similar age to the awesome heroine "Hit Girl". Sadly however the gratuitous violence would traumatise her and the glib sexual references would embarrass the hell out of her at this sensitive pre-teen age. Perhaps in a few years time.


DM Osbon said…
Have Kick-Ass on blu-ray preorder, as I missed it at the cinema but have read the comic book(which was great).

Have you thought about seeing Scott Pilgrim vs the World(another comic book adaptation)? Maybe more suitable for children too but don't quote me on that!
mbp said…
I heard of Scott Pilgrim but didn't really know what it was about. I will definitely check it out. Thanks DM.

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