GET ME OUT! Unsubscription blues.

About once a week I get a large email from a large concert ticket selling agency detailing their latest offers. I have grown almost immune to to the flood of Viagra emails that have thankfully reduced to a trickle now that spam filtering has matured but this particular email really bugs me.

The thing is I know this is a legitimate company because they are a well known a subsidiary of the largest ticket distributor in this part of the world. What annoys me to the point of frustration is that I am utterly unable to un-subscribe from their mailing list.

Each new missive starts with the line
"This is not unsolicited email - you have previously opted in to receive XXXXXX mailings"
I am pretty sure this is not true. I have never bought anything from this company and I have no interest in their particular line of business. I may have bought stuff from their parent company but I am pretty fastidious at finding and ticking the box that says "don't send me spam" and I never get mailings from the parent.

What really really annoys me though his that each weeks mailing ends with the line: "If you would like to be removed from our mailing list please click unsubscribe Please do not reply to this message, as this email was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming mail."

I have clicked that link each week and it does nothing. Figuring it could be an email incompatibility issue I have tried opening the email in a different email client and  clicking the link. Nothing happens. I have examined the source code of the email for a valid unsubscribe link and I can't find one.

I have searched their website for unsubscribe information and found nothing useful.  I have tried  logging in with my email address but they claim I have no account. I have emailed their customer support and I have received no response. I even considered creating a new account with my own email address in order to log in and try to unsubscribe after logging in but I pulled back for fear that I would end up with two unwanted emails per week instead of one.

I know I can just flag them as spam and let the spam filter weed them out but it really annoys me that I cannot unsubscribe from the mailing list of a legitimate company.


Anonymous said…
It seems you've gone to quite some length at convincing yourself that is is a legitimate company. Is there any possibility at all that it isn't?
mbp said…
I am pretty sure it is legit. It is a well known company and the emails do not contain any nasty malware. Very frustrating though not to be able to unsubscribe.
Cap'n John said…
I believe in the U.S. there are laws against legitimate companies which don't honor 'Opt Out' requests. Of course those same laws apply to spammers, too, they just don't bother obeying them.

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