Friday, June 26, 2009

Doctor Who Was With Jackson, Believed to Be a Cardiologist

Thank you Fox-news for the best headline I have seen about the sad demise of Michael Jackson. How fitting that the timelord himself should sneak in disguised as a heart doc to whisk the boy who never grew up away in his Tardis time machine.


Marshal said...

good grief, am I that much a sci-fi geek that it took me re-reading that headline about 5 times before I figured out the correct way to read it :)

thanks for the laugh

mbp said...

That was my reaction too Marshal, Clearly the good folks over at Fox news are not geek enough!

Tesh said...

The comma is the problem. It reads correctly if "Doctor Who" is a person, but if he's just a generic doctor, the comma is not necessary.

Nice find!