Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Company of Heroes: Vicariously Enjoying Multiplayer

I heartily recommend the Tales of Heroes videos on Gamefire TV. Each show is based on a replay of a multiplayer Compny of Heroes match complete with commentary. If you have never played the game the epic battles featured in these shows will surely whet your appetite. If you have played then you will be fasciniating to see how skilled players choose and use their forces.

The commentators are knowleagable but apt to use a bit too much jargon. If you have never played then here are a few terms that may help you decipher what they are talking about:

PE: Panzer Elite a playable german force focussing on speed and vehicles
Wer: The Wermacht, another more balanced German playable force.
Resource Point: Territorial points that must be captured in order to provide an ongoing stream of resources (manpower, fuel or munitions)
VP: Victory Point, capturing and holding more of these than your opponent will reduce their score down towards zero at which time you win the game.
Tank Killer: A lightly armoured fast vehicle that uses speed and a bbig gun to take out enemy tanks.
Calliope: A US sherman tank that can launch a devastating barrage of rockets.
Crocodile: Another variant of the Sherman, this time with flame throwerr attachment.
Faust: Panzerfaust, a powerful innfantry anti-tank weapon.
Full Retreat: A unit can be clicked into a retreat mode in whihc they wil run towards their base. It is much cheaper to re-enforce an existing squad than to build a new one so this is often used to prevent annihilation.
WSC: Weapons Support Centre a building which produces machine gunners, mortars and snipers.
1 Second Artie: A US ability that can lay down a devastating artillery barrage with very little warning.

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