Sunday, June 07, 2009

Do video games ever make you nauseous?

I splashed out on Steam's "bargain of the week": the Penumbra Collector pack giving you the complete set of this episodic horror adventure including "Overture", "Black Plague" and "Requiem" for only a fiver.

The general review consensus seems to be that the low budget series is a bit rough around the edges but does deliver genuine scariness. I planned on giving it a go with the lights off and headphones on for maximally terrifying immersion.

Sadly I cannot give you more than the barest of first impressions because I quickly found that the low quality graphics and dimly lit corridor setting combined to make me nauseous. Back in the days of Doom I actually forced my way through nausea to play but those days are gone and unless I can find a graphics setting that solves the nausea issue I will write off my €5 investment in this game.

Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

I started playing the first game (overture) and became so nauseoous I had to stop! This has NEVER happened to me before!

I googled the game + nauseous and found your post and several others ...

mbp said...

Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned I used to get nausea from games back in the old days of slow frame rates and blocky graphics but most modern games don't make me sick. Sadly Overture remains unplayable for me.