Sunday, June 07, 2009

STEAM now publishes Weekly Top 10

Steam's weekly top 10 sellers by revenue can now be seen at this link. Valve's own titles "Left 4 Dead" and "Team Fortress 2" are still selling strongly. It is perhaps more surprising that titles like "The Penumbra Collector pack" and "Freedom Force freedom pack" are in the top tell sellers by revenue despite having ticket prices of less than €6 each. Valve have already admitted to us that selling stuff cheaply works. Now we can see the truth of this for ourselves.

It is annoying to miss a special offer on a game you want to buy so it is nice to see that Valve have made it easier to keep up with their special offers by including a new "specials" tab on their main page. I wish they would make this into some kind of feed but I guess they still want folks to visit the website to checkout all the full price titles.


Tesh said...

The only time I buy Steam products are when they are on sale. I almost bought the Freedom Force package, even though I still own the retail package of the original.

It's about time someone really shows the industry what a segmented market and decent pricing can do.

mbp said...

I'm the same with Steam sales Tesh. If I am buying anew title I can usually get it cheaper in boxed form. It doesn't really make sense. Steam knows that low prices increase sales and yet they remain reluctant to undercut boxed prices on new games.