Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lotro: Book 14 Complete

Throg managed to complete book 14 last night with the help of some generous kin fellows which sets him up nicely for the release of MoM and book 15.

Chapter 12 (The skin of Bregmor) still proved somewhat trouble-some and we wiped once to the rapidly re-spawning adds of the Nemesis level end boss. The second time around our dps heavy group (Guardian, 2 Champions, Hunter, Captain and Minstrel) managed to fight our way through but it was skin of teeth stuff. There were several deaths including the main tank and Throg ended up tanking the boss. I suspect the only reason we survived is that one of my colleagues realised that not all the adds respawn. Killling the non respawning mobs reduced the damage to manageable proportions and allowed us to overcome the encounter.

I think I am learning to play my champion well enough but I still lack the ability to read a fight like this in order to plan a good strategy. This is probably due to lack of experience but I will salvage some pride by pointing out that playing a melee character doesn't help. In a big fight Throg is usually stuck up the mobs rear-end with a very restricted view of the overall position.

Book 14 ends with another big instance, this time in the new zone of Mirobel. On paper this looks harder than chapter 12 with lots of tough mobs including healers and some with nasty stun abilities but we actually had an easier time of it. We cleared our way in carefully to avoid any disastrously big pulls. There was a potentially difficult fight with a sorceress who forms a healing blood pact with her two adds but Throg got the job of pulling the adds out of range (to the doorway) while the rest of the group killed her. Thanks go to Lotro Wiki for the strategy suggestion.

Throg got a nice set of shoulders for completing book 14: Hadoranc. Compare those with Gloom bane shoulders from the Rift and you will see that they are almost as good apart from the set bonus. The set bonus for the raid set is very nice of course but I like the way you can still get very decent gear just by doing book quests.

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