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Lotro: Book 14 Highs and Lows

Low: Chapter 1 Being sent all around Eriador on errand missions.

High: Chapter 1 Ending with a challenging but do-able instance.

Low: Chapter 2 - That @£$$%% Elf Laerdan. After all I have done for him!

High: Chapter 3 - Hmm... Laedan's diary, lets have a peek.

High: Chapter 4 - While reading Laerdan's journal I imagine yourself to be an Angmarim soldier guarding the tower that Throg and his companions assaulted way back in Chapter 12. Yes its a trivial quest but the concept is way cool.

Low: Sadly the instance ends just before the "good guys" arrive. I was looking forward to seeing Throg bursting through the doors to attack me.

High: Chapter 6 - Another scene from the journal this time I imagine I am the Elf Laerdan fighting hordes of enemies in order to save my daughter. Laerdan is tough but he is totally outnumbered. This must be one of the toughest solo quests in the game. I took me three goes to complete but I really enjoyed it. (Spoiler - if you are struggling with the last bit make sure you keep an eye on the quest tracker)

Low: Chapter 7: This quest is blocked until a server wide effort manages to collect 70,000 pieces of ring lore.

High: My server has already collected the ring lore. I can go straight into the quest!

Low: Chapter 8: More pointless travelling

High: Chapter 9: An instance in the Barrow Downs, an area Throg spent a lot of time in back in his teens and early twenties. Did the instance in a pick up group without too many problems.

Low: Chapter 10: Another pointless trip to Celondim

High: Chapter 11: Off to Forochel, I really like this area.

High: Chapter 12: A tough instance, prepare to be challenged.

Low: My pickup group with minstrel, loremaster, hunter, 2 Captains and 1 Champion (Throg) has no guardian to tank.

High: I'm the tank. My first ever proper tanking job with Throg. Time to equip a shield and finally discover what all those little used Champion tanking skills actually do.

High: I don't actually suck as a tank even against a tough Nemesis mob.

Low: We wipe three times before giving up. I don't think Throg made a bad tank but in hindsight we probably gave up too much DPS by putting our only Champion into low damage tanking mode. It might have been better to let one of the Captains Tank and have Throg revert to his more ususal DPS role.


Thallian said…
hey that's neat. I am still on book13.. I'm saving it for when I get exp for doing it.
mbp said…
I thought about that (saving up quests for xp later) but then I figured that MoM should have lots of new quests to make levelling fun once the expansion hits.
Anonymous said…
I can´t stay off your blog when it comes to lotro :-)

I also like tanking with the champion, it´s fun and they can tank rather well. Biggest problem I have is that they miss the skills a guardian have to get the aggro from a lot of monsters at the same time. Other than that you can usually also use Controlled Burn to keep damage high enough to keep the aggro on you and still have use for the shield.

mbp said…
Hi X - welcome to mindbendingpuzzles. Yup holding multiple mobs is a problem for a Champion all right. Mind you I wasn't fully traited up for tanking. If a champ focussed on traits which improved aoe damage and also exchange of blows it might make them more "sticky".

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