Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lotro: A Busy Weekend for Throg.

Highlights included:

- Doing everything up to the final chapter (book 15, Chapter 12) of Volume 1. Most of book 15 consisted of riding up and down (and up and down) the high moor. I love the book quests but I wish Turbine would cut out the pointless padding. At least the final chapter is supposed to be a great challenging instance bring the tragic tale of Laerdan and his daughter to a close. I will wait till I can organise a good kin group for this.

- Getting into Moria after completing Book 1 of Volume 2. It's a very impressive massive underground city. Crumbling now of course but I caught a glimpse of its earlier splendour from doing a session play quest where I got to run away from the Balrog who trashed the place.

I did a few easy quests in Moria and took my first goat ride but at level 51 most of the quests were still yellow/orange to me indicating that I needed to level up a bit first.

- Back to Eregion and I did all the quests from Echad Eregion getting up to level 52 in the process. T

Throg relaxing at a camp-fire after a hard days questing around Echad Eregion:

- On to Echad Mirobel to do the pre-quests for "The Library" and "The School" 3 man instances.

- Being fortunate to get into a pick up group for the library while doing the pre-quests. Throg (lvl 52 CHampion) a lvl 53 Minstrel and Lvl 53 Burglar.

There are three bosses in the place with a bunch of trash. The encounters are pretty similar - clear out the adds and kill the boss. Burglar crowd control (addle?) was handy for holding the bosses while Champ aoe made short work of the adds (after they were pulled away from stunned bosses of course). The big boss in the end was actually the easiest because he didn't aggro when we pulled his adds (flocks of birds) - we simply peeled the birds off in groups from the Balcony and killed them before tanking and spanking the boss.

Lest I make it sound like a flawless encounter I must own up to foolishly attempting to tank with shield and glory mode. Suffice to say a couple of deaths convinced me that a Champion is poor at holding multi-mob aggro. Swapping to dual Axes and fervour mode for all out aoe damage was much better.

I got a few drops from the instance but nothing particularly useful for Throg. Nevertheless it was great to end the weekend with a bit of fun fellowship play. Three mans are great because it is easy to get a group and everyone feels useful. Iam looking forward to having a go at "The School" next.

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