Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin Anderson, Book 6 Metal Swarm

A quick look at Kevin Anderson's bio reveals a catalog of "written to order" novels based on well known licenses. Many of these are collaborations and for much of his career he has churned out three books a year. Oh and did I mention that he has been linked with what is (in my opinion) the nuttiest religion on the planet (who's name I won't mention for fear of being sued).

I have to admit, that track record doesn't inspire me with confidence but please put any past prejudices you have aside and give Seven Suns a try. The series is absolutely terrific teeming with plots, subplots and a varied tapestry of characters. It is Anderson's own original work and I suspect it is more of a labour of love than many of his "written to order" novels.

This is not high science fiction. This is pure space opera and the only science is of the di-lithium crystal variety. Nevertheless it is a great great read.


Anonymous said...

I have read books 1 through 6 and they were pretty good. Book six begins to get a little weird but still enjoyed it. Book 7 is due this month June 2008

mbp said...

I am nearly finished book 6 and there are a few weird bits alright. I can't quite see where that where that "expansions of consciousness" thing is going and whether it is good or bad.

I think the series is due to finish in book 7 so I am looking forward to seeing how he resolves the various plot lines. Too bad I will have to wait six months or so for a pocket sized paperback edition to come out.