Monday, June 23, 2008

Eve Online: Stabber or Rupture

The trouble with playing a hardcore multiplayer PVP game in solo PVE mode is that you burn up the limited content pretty quickly and then boredom sets it. My PST Thrasher is owning level 2 missions now and the heady fun of tweaking a new build has pretty much dissipated.

I need more excitement and it looks like the best way to get it will be to move up a notch to level 3 missions. My dinky destroyer ain't going to cut it in level 3's (a lot of folk use battleships) so I am going to have to upgrade to a cruiser.

The question now is: What Minmatar cruiser? The entry level Bellicose isn't very good apparently and the Scythe is a mining/support vehicle. That narrows it down to a Stabber or a Rupture which is really a very interesting choice.

The Rupture is a more traditional heavily tanked slow damage dealer. The Stabber is fast and light, optimised for hit and run tactics. Which of these should I get to try level 3 missions in?

My first thought is to go for a Stabber. Minmatar ships are all about speed and I love the ability speed gives you to control a battle. On the other hand flying a Stabber sounds a lot like flying a big frigate or destroyer. The Rupture on the other hand would allow me to experience a play style I haven't tried before. It has five low slots which should allow me to build a very solid armour tank.

Fun decisions. The only boring thing is that I still have to grind a bunch of level 2's to get access to lvl 3 agents. At least I can use the time to train up some useful cruiser skills.

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