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My First Gaming Mouse: Logitech G300

I bought a gaming mouse yesterday a Logitech G300, here my initial thoughts.

What is a gaming mouse? 
There are a wide variety of devices available classified as gaming mice but a few features  seem common:

1. Wired rather than wireless: Although some high end models are wireless wired connections are just better and faster than wireless so most gaming mice stick with wired. As a bonus wired mice don't need batteries so the mouse is lighter. 

2. High response rate: 1 to 2ms response rate so the mouse immediately responds to input. 

2. High DPI. Gaming mice invariable boast high DPI numbers from 2,000 DPI upwards. This makes the device very responsive to the smallest movements.  

3. Adjustable DPI . High DPI improves responsiveness but reduces precision so gaming mice generally allow you to adjust the DPI down for precise work such as pulling off headshots in sniper mode. Generally the mouse allows dpi to be changed on the fly by pressing a button. 

4. Extra Programmable buttons. There is a bit of a split here - mice designed for FPS games focus on responsiveness and precision and keep the button count fairly low. MMORPG mice on the other hand have dozens of programmable buttons.

5. Ergonomic design. Gaming mice are designed for comfort and control. Higher end models even have adjustable weights. 

6. Embarrassingly Funky Looks: As a middle aged gamer this is perhaps the least attractive feature of gaming mice. Many of them look like rejected props from a 1950's sci fi movie. Happily the G300 that I bought eschews such garishness and at first glance looks just like a regular mouse. 

Why did I get one?
I am not and never will be a twitch fps gamer and I have been happily using general purpose wireless mice for years but my trusty Logitech MX600 began to fall apart after 8 years of service. I wanted a replacement that would give good service as a general purpose mouse as well as supporting my gaming habit but I was struck by the paucity of good general purpose mice available.The advent of touch screen has hit hard at the mouse market. Thankfully innovation has proceeded apace in the gaming mouse arena and it seemed that I was more likely to get a gaming mouse that would work for every day use than get an every day mouse that would work for gaming. 

The Logitech G300 (Cost me €45 from PC World, probably cheaper online) 
The G300 is considered an entry level gaming mouse but it boasts the following features:
9 Programmable Buttons
3 Onboard Profiles
Comfortable Ambidextrous Shape
Adjustable DPI 250-2500 DPI
1 ms response rate
buttons rated for 10 million clicks
low friction feet.

Early Impressions
Fist impressions are very good. This mouse is lightweight and comfortable in the hand. The buttons are light to press and instantly responsive. Precision is noticeably better than my old wireless mouse. There is no skipping as the cursor is dragged across the screen. The wire trailing across my desk is a bit ugly but it is very lightweight and doesn't impede movement at all. I played a bit of COD Black Ops II and I am convinced that the speed and precision of the new mouse is a big improvement. The new mouse has less of an obvious impact in Kings bounty the Legend but the general lightness and responsiveness makes the device a joy to use in all programmes. Overall highly recommended.

Edit: In the interest of balance I should mention the one niggle I have with the G300 so far which is that the wheel click (middle mouse button) is fairly stiff. It still works fine and it is not so stiff that there is a danger of accidental scrolling the wheel while clicking but it does seem out of line with all the other button presses which are so gentle. Middle mouse button is surprisingly useful. It is a quick way to open a web link in a new tab and shooter games often use it for special attacks. 


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