Melmoth's "If Monopoly was an MMO"

Melmoth from Killed in a Smiling Accident is on top form with a terrific piece surmising what might have been if Monopoly had been released in the same condition as many MMOs.

My own favourite:

The tutorial for new players was confusing and often entirely contradictory, this lead to many early games with players moving anti-clockwise around the board and falling off into space, because that section of the board was still missing.

There's lots more. Go read it here


Anonymous said…
Hey we should get a game going some time.

I hear they have an expansion coming out soon which introduces epic level player pieces for £1000 and five hotels. Sounds like a bit of a money sink, but who am I to judge.
mbp said…
I am only gonna play if I get to be the dog. No wait, wasn't that nerfed last patch?

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