Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lotro: Throgs continuing Progress

I am getting back into Lotro.

Throg has dinged 39 and has completed Chapter 4 book 5 of the Epic quest line. Searching for the hiding place of a vile Nazghul wounded at the waters of Bruinen, Throg and a handful of stalwart companions probed the deepest caverns of the 'Shaws troll caves. Those trolls are tough characters (lvl 40 Elite) and none too hospitable towards uninvited guests. Nevertheless Throg and his fellows taught them some manners:

Five brave adventurers tackled Eluil, the first Troll Lair but then two declared they must return home for tea (Hobbits!). Undeterred Throg and his remaining two companions pressed on. A Guardian, a Champion (Throg) and a Minstrel. One to take the blows, one to deal the blows and one to heal the blows. Throg fondly remembered his Uncle Halcin's lessons. Three monstrous trolls a time could not defeat this perfect fighting trio.

Sadly they found no trace of the wretched Nazghul. No matter. To Throg's mind it was worth it just to savour the experience of cutting a few overgrown Trolls down to size.

For myself I am learning to live with Lotro's frustrating control interface. I have abandoned all atempts to be scientific about it and I no longer try to fight the unresponsive skill queue in attempt set up the perfect combination. I simply divide my skills into those which use up fervour to deal devastating blows and those which deal lesser blows but generate fervour. If a skill from the first group is lit up and available I use it and wait till it finishes. If not I use which-ever of the fervour generators is not on cooldown. Theres a few variations involving finishing moves but for the most part that is it. Simple and effective if not quite optimum.

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