Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang?

A couple of firsts:

1. This is my first attempt at publishing to the blog by email. If you can read this you will know I have succeeded. I suppose leaving an email back door open is a bit risky because any spammer who works out your address can add rubbish to the blog. At least Blogger gives you the option to add lots of random letters to the email address so hopefully that will deter hackers.

2.I have started my first ever Guild in Gladiatus!!! Don't get too excited because Guilds don't do much in the game but we do have a nifty cape (designed by yours truly) and a guild hovel. Membership has already soared to two with another application on the way. Exponential growth is predicted (not)! Nevertheless all are welcome. The Guild name is Rudiarius and if you want to join just apply via the guild panel or drop a mail to Hortius on server 7. Don't expect us to go raiding anytime soon - I take a very relaxed view of the duties of guild leadership.

To quote Wikipedia
Rudiarius: A gladiator who had won his freedom (received his wooden sword or rudis) but chooses to remain a gladiator. Not all continued to fight and there was a hierarchy of rudiarii such as trainers, helpers, referees, fighters etc. These were very popular with the public as they were experienced and could be relied on to provide a good show.

Don't worry - use of the wooden sword is optional for Guild members.

To be honest I am surprised that I am still playing Gladiatus. I guess I worked through the boredom barrier and just kept playing -  it takes so little effort to keep playing that I just log in while I am browsing other stuff and set the next action in motion. Only four thousand more people ahead of me in the arena rankings - I can almost smell the laurel wreath now!!!

Apologies once more if you clicked the above link and got mugged. I know it is unscrupulous of me but you won't die from it, I promise.

Aside: How I wish that Gary Glitter hadn't turned out to be a pedophile.  His  music was quite iconic for those like me who were kids in the early 1970's. The title of this blog article comes from his 1973 hit "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I am)" but I don't feel entirely comfortable using stuff from someone who can do that to kids.

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