Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Name? Wots all that about then?

While I have done the odd puzzle in my time I claim no special talent in puzzle solving nor do I purport to offer a selection of tantalising brain teasers on this blog. In deference to those folk who visit looking for such diversions I have therefore changed the name of the blog to "Life is a Mind bending Puzzle" as opposed to the original "Mind Bending Puzzles". It is a quick and nasty fix but I kinda like it. Plus it's true.

You may wonder why I chose the name "Mind Bending Puzzles" in the fist place. The truth is that it originated some years back when I was looking for a user name for some website. I was fed up of signing on as Freddy259 so I glanced around my desk for inspiration. My eye fell on a calendar that I had received as a present the previous Christmas that had a puzzle for every day of the year. The calendar was boldly named "Mind Bending Puzzles". I liked the name and it stuck.

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