Sunday, September 02, 2007

Far Cry for Free!!!

All the hullabaloo about the stunning graphics of Graphics of Bioshock reminded me of a game that was released four years ago that remains in my opinion the greatest shooter ever and also by far the prettiest.
Just look at that that beautiful vista. Just look at that stunning tropical lagoon. Yes they are waves gentling breaking on the shore. Yes you can swim in those crystal clear waters - they are populated by swimming fishes and waving plant life. Sure this may have fewer post processing effects or whatnot than Bioshock but it is drop dead gorgeous and being four year old technology that runs like a dream on modern hardware.

If you haven't played FarCry then shame on you but you can now download an ad supported version and play the whole game for Free. I can't vouch for how intrusive the ads are because I paid for my copy but it has to be worth it just to experience those beautiful tropical scenes. Fileplanet link here.

Be warned Far Cry is a tough old school shooter. There is no resurrection in this game and you will live or die based on your mouse and keyboard skills. If you are unsure of your ability to pull off head shots from half way across the island then I advise playing a stealthy game - using the lush tropical vegetation to sneak around your opponents and take them out when they least expect it.

Apparently Ubisoft have also released Prince of Persia and a Rayman game under this ad supported scheme. I read about it here. Fair play to them I say. I think this is a terrific initiative.

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