Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I have been playing

Alien Rage: Am old fashioned corridor shooter with up to date graphics and great meaty weapons. What is not to love? Well lots apparently because it got mediocre reviews but I really enjoyed it. There is nothing very original about the game but so what? It is great fun.

To the Moon: This is more of an interactive story than a game but it tells a good story and it tells it very well. Be warned it's a love story and a tear jerker at that.

The Witcher 2: Finally gotten around to installing this and starting it. Twenty hours played and still enjoying it but I am still in the first settlement. After a very action packed opening with a huge siege battle and and dragon the pace slowed down considerably. I did have one boss fight with a giant Octopus but I found it more annoying than epic.

Age of Wonders: An old classic that appears to be one of the inspirations for Kings Bounty. There is plenty of clever tactics required and the game-play quickly distracts you form the ancient graphics but from the few maps I have played it would be hard to recommend this to a modern player over King's Bounty.

The Incredible Adventures of VanHelsing: A Diablo/Torchlight like game featuring the famous Vampire Hunter. It looks great and the combat is fun but like all of this genre it gets very repetitive. Kill monsters collect loot level up an kill tougher monsters, repeat.

Wolfenstein: Not the new one but a replay of the 2009 video game. I liked this one but then again I like most shooters. It has a clever combination of magic and shooting that gives it a bit of variety over other WW2 games.

Gears of War: Replaying another old classic. This is a great game and if I recall it is largely responsible for the popularity of cover shooters. It is not without flaws however. They story is really bad, so bad in fact it feels like they just didn't care whether they player understands what is going on or not. The checkpoint save system is uneven and some of the boss fights are annoying.

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