Monday, May 28, 2012

NBI The Story behind the post #5

This is my final story behind the post so I had better make an effort to give some useful advice for  a change and not just advice on how to write posts that no one ever reads!

Checking back through Blogger's statistics this is my most viewed post ever:

It is a tolerably competent after action report of a fairly challenging mid game instance in Lotro but it didn't stand out in my mind when I wrote it. Yet it pulled in a heap of readers and continues to pull them in to this day.

Why was this post so popular? In the first place I think it is because it was a helpful post about an area of a popular game that many players experienced diffculties with. Those who struggled with the instance came looking for solutions and those who overcame it came looking for alternative methods. None of this would have got me traffic however if I hadn't given the post the simplest most obvious name possible.  Even today my post is number 2 on a Google Search for Forgotten Treasuy and that is where all these visitors have come from. Google is extremely friendly towards bloggers but if you want it to help you then you have to help yourself first by using simple obvious names for your posts and for your blog. 

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