Tuesday, May 08, 2012

NBI The Story Behind the Post #3

One of the nice things about having a blog is that it you don't always have to stick to topic. You may be writing a gaming blog but if there is some other issue you want to get off your chest or just to tell the world about then your blog is your own personal soapbox and no one else can tell you what to write in it.

Of course just because you can go off topic doesn't necessarily mean you should. Personally I like it when a blogger allows bits of their personal life to bleed into their gaming blog but I suspect that a blog which strays too long and too far from its core theme is going to lose audience. Amusing stories about a blogger's kids or pet dog entertain me and make me feel closer to the author. Long diatribes about politics, economics or religion bore me and turn me off. 

Anyway I have never been one to allow "the rules of blogging" to influence what I write about and this post about "The Dreamer" is one of my favourite posts even though it has nothing to do with gaming. It is about someone I love very much and that makes it special to me.

Reading back on the few rare posts I have written about my family actually makes me regret not keeping a blog or diary specifically about them. Writing captures things than a photo or video never can. The child in that post is a teenager now and her life is full of the busyness that brings. The dreaming is still there but you might miss it in the whirl of activities brought about by school and friends and growing up. 

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Gankalicious said...

I hear ya about the personal stuff. I've been wanting to write about my 7-years on the road for ages but time is always a factor. I have photo's yes, but a blog is a great record that can include photos, thoughs, maps, etc, and is something others can access and share in.

Memories fade- I had 17 moves while living in Ireland and am starting to forget the places I have been- but a blog is forever.....unless the Internet crashes!