Monday, January 09, 2012

Skyrim Thoughts

I have been playing Skyrim on and off since Santa Claus provided a copy on Christmas day.  In previous Elder Scrolls games I always got sucked into the meta game and ended doing silly things to try out all the content and min max my character. This time around I am sticking to a role playing approach, only doing things which feel appropriate for my character. It means that this character will miss whole swathes of content but it still makes the playthrough more enjoyable. It helps of course that the world of Skyrim is stunningly beautiful and it is a perfect game to get lost in.

In terms of the changes to game mechanics I like the simplified levelling system. The only thing I really don't like is the ugly and useless quest journal. Morrowind's quest journal may have been unhelpful but at least it was pretty. I have have had to resort to online wikis to help me remember what various people said to me in relation to the many many miscellaneous quests so badly described in my journal.

For reference my character is a Nord Mage. Its a somewhat accidental choice because Nords generally hate magic and start with depressed magical skills but I reckon there are a few rebels in every society. In role playing spirit I do not use any weapons nor do I wear any armour. The game is still pretty easy except for occasional bosses and even then I can generally get through by running around kiting the boss while waiting for my magicka to recharge.

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