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My favourite thing in Skyrim is ...

... simply walking peacefully through the country side. Not only is the scenery drop dead gorgeous but the place feels alive with insects, birds and forest animals. I love that there is never just one way to get from A to B, there is always a multitude of high roads,  byroads and twisty paths to choose from.

I am as lazy as the next gamer and I use instant travel extensively when I am pursuing quest objectives but my heart lifts whenever I realise that I am going somewhere I have not been to before and must therefore walk through as yet unexplored territory to get there.

Pro Tip #1: Ditch the horse. Exploring is much easier on foot and you feel more in touch with the country side. I am not even convinced that Skyrim horse 's are faster than travelling on foot.

Pro Tip #2: Constantly stopping to slaughter the local wildlife seems out of place on an idyllic country walk so I recommend the shout "Kynes Peace". It calms wolves, bears and other animals so you can just walk by unmolested. Doesn't seem to work on Dragons unfortunately.

Pro Tip #3: The biggest problem with trying to get anywhere in Skyrim is the multitude of ancient tombs, bandit camps and other places of interest along the way that are sure to tempt you to stray from your intended path. While dunegoneering is an enjoyable part of the game it breaks the immersion of a country side stroll. I recommend going just close enough to get the map location and then continuing on your way. You can come back easily with fast travel when you are in a more bloodthirsty mood.


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