Proof that Bethseda's games have longevity.

More than five years ago I started this forum thread in which I asked "What are the best side quests in Oblivion?". Rather than a torrent of replies the thread attracted a trickle but that trickle hasn't stopped to the present day. More than five years later the game still has the power to enthuse players enough to want to tell someone about their experiences.

PS. Yes Mad Mike is an alter ego of mine and no my real name is not Mike.

PS Apologies for lack of recent posts. Trying to cram a holiday into a period which was already busy both personally and professionally left little enough time for gaming or blogging.


Jayedub said…
I love Oblivion, it's one of those games that I spent a very large amount of time playing but have never actually finished the game.
mbp said…
Its a few years since I played but reading that forum post is tempting me to re-install the game. The main campaign is Ok but its the side quests which give the game its special flavour. If I recall correctly the leveling system is a bit bonkers (beggars in the street end up wearing elite armour by the end of the game) but that doesn't spoil the great storytelling.

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