Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adam Jensen Steals Turbines Money

Normally I am a miser when it comes to game purchases. My threshold of pain is about €10 which pretty much rules out new releases. Nevertheless I had made up my mind to pre-purchase the Isegard expansion for Lotro despite having sufficient Turbine points accumulated that I can probably buy it from the TP store after release. Having bought my lifetime sub at the lowest ever price of £75 some years ago I feel it is probably time I gave them some extra cash.

Unfortunately reconciling myself to spending more than I need to on a game has weakened my resolve  and I now find myself seriously eyeing Deus Ex Human Revolution (currently €36 from Get games). I know I will be able to get it much cheaper in a few months time but once in a while it would be nice to be able to play a game while everyone else is still talking about it.

If I do splurge on Deus Ex that exhausts my budget and Turbine will have to wait for new cash from me.

Decisions, Decisions.

EDIT: When I went tot purchase Deus Ex I found that I could get it from €10 cheaper from the same site if I lived in the USA or the UK. This has annoyed me sufficiently that I have put off my purchase for the moment. 

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