Too TiredTo Shoot

Last night I wanted to play Medal of Honor Airborne but I couldn't because I was too tired.

The really strange thing is that I didn't realise I was so tired until I actually tried to play. I had a long day at work and it was after 9pm when I finally got to sit down in front of a PC. That's isn't too unusual however and I was very much looking forward to playing the shooter in order to relax before bed. Once in the game I found I couldn't hit a barn door and just got murdered over and over again. At first I was perplexed because I had made good progress previously but thinking about it I realised that I was just tired and my reactions were like molasses.

The unforgiving nature of the game didn't help because I was playing on hard and there is no way to switch the difficulty level without losing your save game.  The terrible checkpoints meant that I couldn't make any progress whatsoever in my tired state. (Did I mention that Medal of Honor Airborne has a really terrible save system?).

I was disappointed at not being able to get my shooter fix but I was also surprised at  how badly my performance had been affected when I never realised how tired I was.  I am really quite bad at reading the signals from my own body. I just expect it to do what ever I ask it to do and usually it just does it. Not last night however. I hope this isn't a symptom of old age.

At least I was playing a single player game and my lack of performance didn't affect anyone but myself. I would have been rightly embarrassed in a multi-player setting like a raid.


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