Great Article about Ebooks

Hot off the presses from Paid Content:

Selected Quotes:

The entire publishing industry is going down the drain,”   

"In the current e-book Top 50 on Kindle, there are only five titles priced at £5 or above. "

We’re facing stiff competition from individual self-publishers and potentially giant technology companies with deep pockets,”


Anonymous said…
Absolutely right about the self publishers. Someone who prices their ebook at from $3-$10 on Amazon-US will keep 70% of the sales price. This is about 5 times the percentage a typical print author will get. And some authors find they can make good money even with $.99 books (on which they keep 30%).

Even if a self-publishing author has to pay for editing and layout themselves, this kind of disparity will be hard for a print publisher to beat.
mbp said…
Hi Neowulf. When authors start to realise this in large numbers it will change the balance of power in the industry. Publishers can still provide useful services but my guess is that they will have to accept a lesser role as service providers rather than content owners.

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