Playing Singularity

Enjoying it so far.

That's all.

PS. Suffers from same issue as last game I played in that it only has one save slot? When did this become a trend? Last I heard even the lowest spec gaming console has enough storage space to allow a few save game slots. Not having multiple slots really restricts your freedom to play around.


Jayedub said…
I picked up Singularity on sale as well. It has been on my wishlist for ages, but I was reluctant to pay full price because of the mixed reviews I heard about the game.

I knew that I would like it before I bought it, I was just waiting for a sale on Steam. Bottom line, great game and a great price!
mbp said…
I am not finished yet but it really is a very good game. I find reviews harder and harder to believe these days. It is almost as if any game not made by Blizzard is marked out of eight instead of ten. Even user reviews are no longer credible because of deliberate sabotage.

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