Monday, May 31, 2010

Can you still qualify as a serious gamer if ...

... you don't keep up with all the new releases?

As a gamer in my mid 40's I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that I am getting to the point where the number of excellent older games that I haven't gotten around to playing exceeds the quantity of living hours remaining to me to play them in.  While this reflection on my own mortality might be depressing it is also wonderfully liberating. I find that I am less and less incensed at the future direction of gaming because even if the whole gaming industry collapses tomorrow morning then I can continue to enjoy many years worth of engrossing virtual entertainment by playing existing titles.

This fun cartoon from xkcd highlights some advantages and disadvantages of being a retro gamer. Writing about five year old games is certainly not going to do much for the popularity of my blog but I guess I can live with that although I will admit is is nice sometimes to be part of the buzz that surrounds the latest greatest thing.

Games played last week: Rome Total War (release date 2004), Call of Juarez (released 2007)


Anton said...

What's "The cake was a lie"?

I think I'm as bad, if not worse than you.

And I make games for a living. Oh, the shame!

...Personally, I'm fine having the newest stuff if I can afford it. The lack of play time as I've grown up only makes me want to use the limited time I have playing the VERY BEST possible.

Most recently, bought Monster Hunter 3.

mbp said...

Hi Anton ... I like your philosophy. There are so many games to play that it makes sense to only play the very best whether they are new titles or old titles.

I read a very positive review of Monster Hunter three and I am somewhat tempted. The only slight problem it that our Wii belongs to the kids and I might have to bargain for the use of it.

Cap'n John said...

A long, long time ago, I used to buy a game, then that game was the only thing I played until I "beat" it. Mario and Zelda games were played relentlessly until they'd given up their secrets. Mario Kart was raced non-stop until you'd beaten Rainbow Road on 150cc, then played over again because it was that damned good. Super Punch Out!? KO'd Nick Bruiser, then played through numerous times trying for the speed KO records.


Zelda:Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, even Mario Kart: Wii, all remain unbeaten. I did complete Zelda:Wind Waker but never beat Mario Kart:Double Dash.

It wasn't until recently, this weekend in fact, that I "beat" another game. A Wii game, of course. MySims Agents. I was pleased with myself, and my kids were impressed :)