Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Not Giving up Blogging

Thanks to the Ancient Gaming Noob for drawing my attention to a recent Wired article in which Paul Boutin claims that blogging is a thing of the past.

Of course I don't agree but I do accept some of Paul's points. I agree that the time when you could "become famous" through blogging is probably over. If that is your motivation then you should probably pass over blogging and get with the next big thing be it twitter or face book or more likely something else that most of us haven't even heard of yet.

On the other hand there are many other reasons to keep a blog. It can be a personal creative outlet. It can be your very own soap box. You can use it as a kind of online diary. It can add a new dimension to your hobbies. It can be a social thing. You may be even be lucky enough to find a community of like minded bloggers.

Telling people to stop blogging because they have no chance of getting to the front page of Google is like telling amateur musicians not to bother because they have no chance of getting to Carnegie Hall.


Anonymous said...


Type "West Karana" into Google :)

Not only is my site the first on the list, Google even breaks down my popular categories :)

I dunno about being famous, but I don't think it's that hard to be #1 in a Google search...

mbp said...

Hi Tipa. OK ... I can even get my humble blog to appear top of the list by googling "Life is A Mindbending Puzzle". I think that says more about the power of Google than any particular noteworthiness on my part :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone can become a famous blogger, if that's where they put all their efforts. People like you and me who are happy being amateurs won't be famous. And in fact, blogging about MMOs won't make you famous no matter who you are.

Two secrets to blogging, as far as I can tell.

1) Have an opinion.
2) Get other people to respond to your opinion.

If you can ace those, you're a successful blogger. After that, it's just a matter of scale.

Anonymous said...

Construed ie my blog is nowhere near the top in google search but it's something to aim for..hehe..

I blog because I love to share my opinions in word form & have to agree with Tipas points re secrets to blogging.

Anonymous said...

@DM: You changed blogs *again*!?

Okay, guess I have some catching up to do...

Anonymous said...

@ Tipa - well this only my second blog so 'again' is a little overstated.

mbp said...

Hi DM.

With regard to Tipa's two points
1) Is easy.
2) requires effort.