Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lotro Notes

Despite my commitment to limit my objectives in Lotro I have been playing quite a lot over the last few days. No raiding but a couple of kinship forays into Annuminas combined with a lot of questing in Forochel. I have grown to like Forochel. At first glance its snowy appearance is reminiscent of the Misty Mountains but whereas Misty is a dangerous barren wasteland Forochel teems with settlements and quests and even has a few instances to boot. In point of fact it comes pretty close to Bree land in terms of the amout of stuff that is going on. Most of the quests are solo friendly but there a reasonable number of group quests with decent rewards for someone of mid 40's level. At level 50 Throg has outgrown most of the rewards on offer but it is still a very enjoyable zone to quest in.

A lot of my fellow bloggers have abandoned Lotro (although Khan and Thallian always put in a good word) so I was pleased to stumble across a good lotro blog I hadn't read before: MMeow . After reading a guide from from MMeow about Lotro's equipment rarity I realise that I am wrong to call typical raid quality "teal" items epics. The official description of teal items is "incomparable" while the term epic is reserved for a very small number of rare drops that are coloured orange.

Lotro Europe's welcome back weekend starts tomorrow with free play for returning players and a 25% XP bonus. With War still in its honeymoon period and a major update of WOW around the corner Lotro is going to have a tough job enticing folks back.


Thallian said...

It's Thallian with two l's :P

I enjoy Forochel too and lately I've fallen in love with it more. It really needs to be explored and quested thoroughly to be appreciated. As far are luring players back, I think the expansion may help a lot more than just raising exp by 25%. They should prolly just raise exp gain from mobs by 25% and be done with it lol. Don't forget Scott at Pumpingirony, he often talks about Lotro too :) I attempted book 7.8 with some friends last night and got clobbered (we were only 47 alts though)

mbp said...

Oops Thallian sorry about the spelling mistake, now corrected.

I am surprised at how quickly Lotro has sucked me back in. Its great to come back to a game and find so much new content even before the MoM expansion.