EVE Frustration

I re-subbed to EVE yesterday and spent two hoour in game without getting even a single frigate out of the dock. The game has been in the news a bit lately with their annual fan fest in Reykjavik. I am also aware of forthcoming changes in skill trees that make it very beneficial to skill up destroyers and battle-cruisers before the next patch so I decided to buy a months sub to finish off the training needed. This is perhaps not the best motivation for returning to a complex mmorpg and indeed I am at a bit of a loss to decide what to do with my month of play time. Implementing my skill training plan took about an hour - downloading the latest version of EVEmon, setting up APIs and ensuring that I can get the skills required before the patch deadline. After that I decided to play around with some frigates partly because there has been some significant changes to frigates since I last played and partly because frigates are cheap to lose if I screw up. The once humble Slasher seems to be the new go to Minmatar frigate so I decided to try one out. That means downloading EFT, figuring out what will fit, realising I have none of the required parts, scouring the local market and so on. By the end of my second hour I was still sitting in a hangar staring at spreadsheets when real life intervened and I had to log out of the game.

I really don't think I am in the mood to return to an mmorpg.


Stabs said…
Feel free to convo me if you need any help. My character is Callduron.

If I don't answer I'm probably afk or alt tabbed.
mbp said…
Hi Stabs

I have you in my friends list and I did notice that Calludron was flying while I was logged on. I doubt I will be playing much but I will keep an eye out for you.

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