Darksiders II: Tackling the Deposed King (Big Hint)

The optional Deposed King is one of the hardest bosses in Darksiders II. I stumbled across him first at level 13 and was soundly defeated and I didn't eventually overcome him until level 17.  He is not a very complex boss. Most of his attacks are slow and easily avoided but he hits very hard and one particular hammer attack leaves you frozen for about 10 seconds while your health drains away at an alarming rate. Even one of these can be enough to kill you so there is absolutely no room for error as you whittle away his large pool of health. This is the source of the difficulty and frustration with this encounter. You spend a long time getting his health down only to die because of one mistake. Anyway the simple hint I have is to stack resistance gear. Gear in Darksiders II has two mitigation factors:  defence, which protects against most normal attacks and resistance, which protects against elemental attacks. Defense is more generally useful so you have probably maximised that at the expense of resistance. Well the Deposed King's ice attack does surprise, surprise elemental damage. If you abandon your normal gear for high resistance stuff then you will take far less damage from the King's freezing attack making the whole fight much much easier.  You can choose your own method of hurting him. I took the cowardly approach of using the gun to build up wrath and then unleashing wrath powers. You can also get a few good hits in when his hammer is stuck in the ground.

Having finished the game I can confirm that I enjoyed it very much. The gameplay was more polished than the first Darksiders and it had none of the difficulty spikes of the first game. I preferred the settings of the first game though. I think they were more varied and more colourful.


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